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Support new trails in Bristol!

SORBA Tri-Cities has secured a $5,000 grant from IMBA and Shimano to build a 1-mile trail at Sugar Hollow Park in Bristol, Virginia that caters to newer and novice riders. However, we are required to match the grant with $5,000 of our own and we are asking for your commitment to seeing this project through.

We believe that part of our responsibility as advocates and stewards of mountain biking is to ensure that ridership continues to grow and that we help provide opportunities for newer and novice riders to experience mountain biking are readily available. There is an abundance of moderate to extremely challenging trails available to more experienced riders in the region, however beginning and young riders are often left out in the planning and construction of trails that meet their riding abilities.

This project addresses a gap in available trail experiences in the region that lowers the barrier of entry to mountain biking while instilling and growing a love of mountain biking and trails in newer riders. The number of young riders in our area is steadily increasing thanks to mountain bike teams at area high schools and at local colleges. The number of beginner cyclists is also growing in our area thanks to the old and new “rails to trails” type trails in the area. This will be the perfect trail to start young and new cyclists in the sport of mountain biking.


The new trail will also support programming opportunities for the Little Bellas mountain bike chapter in Bristol. Little Bellas mission is to create a nationwide girls’ cycling program that allows participation opportunities regardless of economic status. The program provides young girls an opportunity to build life skills through mountain biking and mentoring. This charter requires a 1-mile beginner trail and bathroom access. 

The advantages and benefits of being outdoors for anyone, at any age, for any activity are undeniable. To have the opportunity to be a part of that is a gift, especially in the heart of Appalachia where beginner experiences may plant the seed for stewardship, health, and a love of the great outdoors.

Proposed Sugar Hollow Green Trail.jpg
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