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SORBA Tri-Cities is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable trail access for off-road bicyclists and to maintaining the trails on 
which mountain bikers ride and other user groups rely. As SORBA Tri-Cities, our mission is to create, protect, and enhance great mountain 
biking experiences in the Tri-Cities region.

Formed in December 1998, SORBA Tri-Cities has been creating opportunities for mountain biking as well as promoting responsible trail use. SORBA Tri-Cities is a chapter of the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA).

Working with virtually every land manager in the region and other non-profit trail advocacy organizations, we are conitinuously working to foster new relationships to help expand our mountain biking opportunities.


Our members spend hundreds of hours each year in the woods building and maintaining trails across the region.Each year, we also host group rides, volunteer workdays, kid friendly skill building rides, ride socials, and many other events that are all designed to promote outdoor fun and fitness. All rides and events are geared for fun to help you get as much from your 
cycling experience as possible!


Our members spend thousands of hours each year in the woods building and maintaining trails across Northeast Tennessee. We work with virtually every major recreational land manager in our region from municipal leaders to national forest ranger districts.


We lead guided trail rides and outings year-round for beginners as well as advanced riders. All rides and events are geared for fun and to help you get as much from your cycling experience as possible. We also host other events centered around social outings, fundraising and stewardship.


Each year, SORBA Tri-Cities hosts several clinics designed to help beginning riders develop their skills. These clinics also include trailside maintenance and trail building, all designed to promote outdoor stewardship, fun and fitness.


Trails Need Us All Today! If the current pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the outdoors and local trails have provided a much-needed escape from the world. Local outdoor seekers took notice more than ever this year. With bike shops selling out of inventory, reported increases in the number of trail users in the region and around the country, Trails Need Us All Today became a rallying cry to support the tireless work that SORBA Tri-Cities’ volunteers put into the trails that keep our minds and bodies healthy. And local mountain bikers banded together, supporting SORBA Tri-Cities in big numbers! Our Spring and Fall Membership Drives welcomed more members than last year, even in the midst of so much uncertainty. Now, we want to provide our local business community with the opportunity to support SORBA Tri-Cities’ advocacy and stewardship work.

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