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Tannery Knob Enduro

The Tannery Knob Enduro is our annual "funduro" race that we use to raise money for a local trail project. We have now hosted it for 3 years. The projects that we have raised funds for include Winged Deer Park, Tannery Knobs, and the coming soon, Rotary Bike Playground. 2024 date is still to be determined but it will be sometime in the fall when the riding is the best!

The race starts from downtown Johnson City with riders having to work their way to the top of Tannery Knobs at their own pace, then the timed racing starts using all the downhill trails at Tannery. Only downhill times count to your total!

We have to thank our platinum sponsor of this race, YeeHaw Brewing. Without their help, we couldn't make this race happen. 

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