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A Chapter of SORBA and Local Partner to IMBA, working to grow and improve mountain biking in Northeast Tennessee through partnerships with municipal, county, state and federal land management agencies.


Building a great mountain biking community is just as important as the trails they ride. Our members build and maintain trails for everyone to enjoy!

For every mountain biker, it's about the ride. We work to ensure that backyard experiences are available and backcountry adventures are protected.

We're always concious of the social and environmental aspects of trails and the landscape they inhabit. It's important that we respect the land, trails and all users.

About SORBA Tri-Cities

SORBA Tri-Cities is a chapter club of SORBA and a Local Partner with IMBA, dedicated to expanding and improving trails in the greater Tri-Cities region.


Join us on Discord!

Come hang out with us and talk trails, bikes and just about anything else that may be on your mind! Our Discord server is where you can join or start your conversation.