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Sign up to take part in the only enduro race in the Tri-Cities! Proceeds of this event will support the development of new trails on Tannery Knobs.


Building a great mountain biking community is just as important as the trails they ride. Our members build and maintain trails for everyone to enjoy!

For every mountain biker, it's about the ride. We work to ensure that backyard experiences are available and backcountry adventures are protected.

We're always concious of the social and environmental aspects of trails and the landscape they inhabit. It's important that we respect the land, trails and all users.

Be Trail Kind.

No matter our differences in backgrounds or how we choose to enjoy the great outdoors, trails create common ground that connects us.


Volunteer with us!

Volunteers are the cogs that keep our organization rolling. Donating your time to help us improve mountain biking in our region not only earns you rewards, but goes a long way in helping us secure funding and other support.